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Make Your Wedding Special and Memorable

Why not make your wedding entry a talk of the town? Arrive at your wedding venue in a chartered helicopter to make your Big Day grand and memorable.
Hiring a limousine or any other car for wedding transfers is an age-old practice and something that’s common to every wedding. You want something unique and special for your Big Day, and a helicopter charter service pretty much fits into the big picture.

Wedding helicopter charter services

Wedding helicopter charter services are best suited for people who want to make a style statement at their wedding. You will be given the complete flight schedule to make sure your photographer has ample time to capture your grand entry on your special day. A helicopter flight to and from your wedding venue will enhance the grandeur of the wedding, and your guests will remember the day for something beyond good food and entertainment.

Helicopter pleasure flights

What’s better than a private helicopter flight in London and enjoying the aerial view of the city with your loved one? The fully equipped VIP helicopters offer a ‘spectacular’ experience. The panoramic view of all the historical buildings and the London Eye will make your heart ooze out for all that you see.
Want to tour around the city and enjoy sightseeing without getting caught up in traffic? Hiring a helicopter charter in London is a fun and exciting experience.
If your wedding is around the corner, and you are looking for helicopter services in London, JAG Aviation is the right choice. Call us for competitive prices, friendly service and an unmatched flying experience.

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